How to apply to be a Dragon Research Group (DRG) volunteer

We are extremely honored to have received positive responses from a large number of very talented individuals. We're always interested in hearing from motivated and talented individuals who wish to dedicate 20 hours per month of their free time to helping fulfill the DRG mission.

The next round of open candidate volunteer hiring is scheduled for the summer of 2015.

If you want to be notified when the hiring process kicks off, you may wish to subscribe to the drg-announce mailing list. Interested candidates are welcome and encouraged to submit applications at any time.

To apply to become a DRG volunteer, please prepare the following about yourself:

Please send these materials and information to the dragon@dragonresearchgroup.org. We strongly encourage candidates to PGP encrypt email and attachments using the DRG public key 0x47196BBF. Thank you for your interest and desire to help!

All serious candidate submissions will be acknowledged. See the About DRG page for additional information about volunteering with the DRG.

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