DRG Distro

The Dragon Research Group (DRG) Distro is a Linux-based Live CD platform. It forms the cornerstone of much of DRG's ongoing research, analysis and development efforts. The goal of the DRG Distro is to build a DRG Network of pods that can securely and anonymously help provide actionable intelligence to the Internet security community. The DRG Distro is designed to support varying network and privacy policies. It can act as a passive data collection facility for many common applications such as HTTP servers or if expressly permitted, can help actively monitor malicious Internet activity. It also includes a number of tools that when combined with the DRG Network help provide real-time, usable intelligence to the local pod partner. The entire DRG Network is designed to provide real-time actionable intelligence in the form of statistics, graphs, threat feeds and DRG Distro tool sets that will benefit the entire Internet security community. The DRG Distro is remotely supported by DRG and run by "pod partners" from around the globe. No pod partner or pod specific information is ever shared outside the core DRG team by DRG. The DRG Distro contains no known unauthenticated access nor any well known vulnerabilities. The DRG Distro is NOT designed to be compromised like a honeypot system might be.

The DRG seeks trustworthy and reliable pod partners to help build and support the growing DRG Network. All pod partners are screened by DRG to help ensure the integrity of the DRG Network. Pod runners will have some advantages over the general public. They will have full insight into their own pods and their feedback will help determine the future direction of the DRG Distro and DRG Network. Pod partners are also in a good position to showcase their talents if they desire to become part of the core DRG team in the future. To volunteer to participate in the DRG Network by running one or more DRG Distro pods on a network you are administratively responsible for or for which you have approval to run custom projects such as this, please send the following information in a signed PGP message to: dragon@dragonresearchgroup.org:

Additional feedback or questions can be directed to the email address indicated above or visit us on the Freenode IRC network #drg channel. Approved pod parters will receive additional info about their DRG Distro pod, including installation instructions, technical specifications and more.

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