Security Innovation Grant

The Dragon Research Group (DRG) expects to award an investment of up to $10,000 (US) to the most innovative project in the area of information security. Administered by the Dragon Research Group, an all volunteer research organization, dedicated to further understanding of online criminality and to provide actionable intelligence for the benefit of the entire Internet community, the grant is entirely and solely funded by a personal donation from Robert O. Thomas III. The grant is expected to be awarded, on a yearly basis, to a project with highest overall merit rating by an independent DRG review committee.

The DRG is seeking innovative solutions and projects that further Internet security. Projects may consist of software, hardware, training, facility or multimedia components. Proposals that address a current and widespread challenge or present a novel, but practical solution that aids the Internet security community are of particular interest. Example projects areas may include, but are not limited to:


DRG volunteers, DRG Advisory Council members, Innovation Grant Selection Committee members, Innovation Grant Review Committee members, Team Cymru employees, Team Cymru contractors and immediate family members of the aforementioned people are ineligible.

Award Information

$10,000 (US) maximum investment over a one-year period will be made by Robert O. Thomas III, administered by the DRG, to support a winning project. This investment may be used to provide financial support for equipment, software, connectivity, travel or salary support. An awardee will be assigned a mentor designated by DRG to help support the project and monitor progress.

Selection and Review Committees

DRG participants, Team Cymru employees and selected industry experts will make up the review committee. A random subset of the review committee will review each project and summarize their findings to the selection committee. The selection committee is made of up current DRG Advisory Council members with the exception of those employed by Team Cymru.

The Selection Committee: The Review Committee:

Award Description

The grant is seeking innovative, noncommercial and open-source solutions to Internet security challenges. An eligible project must be able to demonstrate a need to enhance an existing solution.


A project should address a current and pressing Internet security challenge by offering a novel, usable solution through hardware, software, process or training.

Noncommercial Use

A project must agree to release documentation, software and other electronic materials as open source. All documentation, software and other electronic materials must be made available for download at no-cost. The DRG will provide additional electronic material hosting services.

Electronic materials should preferably be released under widely used licensing schemes that 1) permit free redistribution of materials, 2) are available in source code form and 3) permit derived works. The proposal should detail the license under which the solution will be covered. Recommended licenses are the GNU Public License and the BSD License.


A project should be able to clearly identify new enhancements to the solution that require funding and will have a high chance of success for positively addressing a common Internet security challenge.

Project Criteria

A project under consideration must provide:

to be considered for an award.

Important Dates

Nominee submissions close: Friday, April 27, 2012 5:00 PM US CDT (2200 UTC)
Finalists selected: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 5:00 PM US CDT (2200 UTC)
Award announcement: Friday, July 13, 2012 5:00 PM US CDT (2200 UTC)

2011 Finalists

Consideration Guidelines

Projects to be considered must include a project name, contact information and a project description. The description can be a pointer to a web page or other online resource. Send all project suggestions via email to dragon@dragonresearchgroup.org.

Contact Information

Questions and general information can be sent to dragon@dragonresearchgroup.org. For additional information, visit the DRG homepage.

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